Vance Hinds Incredible 365 Day Transformation

Vance Hinds weighed 475 pounds. On the first day of his diet, he gained 3 more pounds. But then he lost 198 pounds in one year. Over 22 million video views in 11 days. (Video published on 26-Dec-2018.)

What would you attempt to do in 2019, if you knew your success was a certainty? Just one year ago, Vance Hinds was inspired by comedian Bert Kreischer’s Sober October challenge — enough to decide to make a change. After listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, Vance Hinds — the District Attorney for Ellis County ( Waxahachie, TX) decided to start a healthier life, and began a year long journey that resulted in shedding 198 pounds.

Vance started at 475 pounds. “Over my life, I’ve lost and gained hundreds, if not thousands of pounds,” he told the Waxahachie Daily Light. “I’ve done that over and over and over again.” The weight loss programs were not working for him.

This time, Mr. Hinds began posting his progress regularly on social media — so friends would hold him accountable. Strangers from Australia, Scotland and other places started messaging him, saying how much Vance encouraged them. So he kept pushing forward with lots of encouragement from local friends and social media acquaintances around the globe.

Soon a group of friends from the Waxahachie (TX) High School began walking together with Mr. Hinds every Wednesday. One of Mr. Hinds’ good friends, David Snell said. “The truth be told, we all got a weight problem. Vance is pushing all of us by getting involved. Everything he’s doing is a motivation.”