Happiness – a best of the year staff pick on Vimeo has over 1.7 million views

Happiness is the story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment. Share this link – https://vvn.net/happiness/

This short video (4 min) was directed and animated by Steve Cutts, a UK based illustrator and animator. Mr. Cutts finds happiness and fulfillment working with tools like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Manga Studio. He’s worked on projects for Moby and ‘The Simpsons’.

What People Are Saying About ‘Happiness’

“Awesome! And yes this is our society. Love this piece of amazing animation – which was obviously a huge amount of work.”

“Amazing!! Such a realistic story that proves how wrong we are in defining what is important in our lives. “

“Great Job!! True portrait of our society, sad but true.”

“This happiness video/cartoon does not have a solution – only ridicule, which, while justified, only deepens depression about it. As this cartoon points out, there are also drugs such as getting praise or envy from others through what they buy or the power they have over some people (trying to overcome their thoughts and feelings of powerlessness over what really matters). Happiness is not a fixed place but a process that starts by accepting the world as it is (some just use double think or complete blocking); then doing something that earns one some money, without hurting others, that has intrinsic pleasure… Most Americans live pay check to pay check. Yes, they do literally waste their money on drugs, legal and illegal , especially alcohol …”

“How accurate. very depressing.”

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