Last of the Mohicans

Inka Gold performs The Last of the Mohicans in stunning 4K HD video. Over 4 million views on YouTube

Last Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans – movie theme song performed by Inka Gold. Oscar A Morales Vega plays the flute and does percussion while Santiago Morales Vega plays the guitar in this beautiful rendition (cover) of the theme song – written by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman for the 1992 movie soundtrack. The music is beautiful, yet sorrowful: mourning the humiliation of American indigenous people and expressing the depravity and cruelty of the early American wars.

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The song echoes the underlying theme found in the 1992 historical drama (movie) set in 1757 during the French and Indian War, based on James Fenimore Cooper’s 1826 novel with the same name.

About Inka Gold

Oscar began playing the pan flutes at the age of 10 in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. As a teenager he toured Europe, captivating audiences across the continent. In 1998 Oscar began touring the United States performing for music festivals and talk shows. Oscar continues to tour and has dedicated much of his time to recording new albums and creating original scores. His passion is to share Andean flute music with people all over the word. “My music is the bridge between cultures; I hope that everyone who listens to it can feel the peace and strength of the Incan people.”

His brother Santiago began playing string instruments at the age of nine. At first, he dedicated himself to learning a traditional string instrument known as the charango. Later on he learned the guitar, mandolin and drums. While Oscar headed for the United States concluding their European tour, Santiago began touring parts of Asia, and Saudi Arabia. In 2000 Santiago joined his brother Oscar in the United States in order to take Inka Gold and its musical styles to the next level. Since then Inka Gold has been captivating audiences across the United States from their home in Albuquerque., New Mexico.

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