A 4-Year Old Girl Explains the Problem With New Year’s Resolutions

A 4 year old explains the problem with New Year’s Resolutions.

Video transcript: “I have a problem with New Year’s resolutions, not because they often fail, or because they are too difficult, and not because I’m bad at them either. I mean, I’ve only been alive for four New Year’s! No, I have a problem with resolutions because people think that that’s it.  It’s the one time to change. Now don’t get me wrong, we definitely all need change. I have no idea how to ride a bicycle, and my little brother has no idea what a toilet is for. And some of you, yeah, you should probably get out of the house more…”

But one big decision probably isn’t going to do it. Sorry! So now what? Flush your resolutions down the toilet? The one my little brother can’t use? Or course not? Keep your resolutions, but go easy on yourself. Will you change? Maybe. But it probably won’t happen in one big moment. It will (it’ll) happen in thousands of little moments. Every time you choose to forgive, or slow down, or be grateful, or stay calm. Each little moment that you choose what’s right — instead of what’s easy. Faith instead of doubt. Love instead of hate. That’s where the change happens! Even if you fail one or two, or thirty times — it’s OK. You’ve got thousands of little moments ahead of you. You’ll get better! So happy new year. God bless… and I’m off to ask my dad to get a bike. Either that, or a pony. Bye.”

Tingman explains that he was inspired by Paul Tripp to create this video with his daughter.

Paul Tripp says: “Change is important, but the reality is that few of us have made immediate and significant life changes because of a single New Year’s resolution. The Christian life doesn’t rest its hope in big moments of change. Instead, the transforming work of grace is more of a mundane process. A mundane process that takes small and daily commitment. Change typically takes place in ten thousand little moments, not one life-altering event. The little moments of life are profoundly important precisely because they are the little moments. We live most of our existence in these mundane, everyday moments. For every substantial life-changing moment, we experience ten thousand insignificant moments. “

 “His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.” ~ Lamentations 3:22,23