There Goes My Life

“There Goes My Life” has over 67 million views.

There Goes My LIfe is a song about a teenage football player, who is blindsided and disappointed when he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant. His dreams of skipping town after graduation and hanging out on the west coast are ruined. “All he could think about was, I’m too young for this. Got my whole life ahead; I’m just a kid; How am I gonna raise one? All he could see was his dreams going up in smoke.” In the chorus he sings, “There goes my life.” Share this link:

The young man struggles with what to do next, but makes the right decision… By the next verse he is married to his high school sweetheart, working a blue collar job, and their child is now a toddler. The young man discovers that it was all worth it in the end and that he loves this child more than anything. By the song’s final verse, his daughter is grown up and is driving off to the West Coast. The father thinks as she drives away, “There goes my life, my future, my everything …

The Story Behind “There Goes My Life”

Wendell Mobley and Neil Thrasher wrote the song “There Goes My Life” — which was made famous by Kenny Chesney. The song was released in 2003 as the first single on Kenny’s album When the Sun Goes Down. Long before that, the song title lay dormant in Neil’s notebook, and was bottled up in Wendell’s memory for many years before it came tumbling out in a jumble of emotions. Neil and Wendell have heard many stories of estranged fathers and daughters reuniting – because of this song.

The song was number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles for seven consecutive weeks beginning December 20, 2003. The music video was released via YouTube on November 24, 2009 where it has garnered over 67 million views as of 2019.

Fathers That Provide and Protect

Every good father provides for and protects his children. Some fathers are really good at expressing love to their children verbally — through words of praise and affirmation. Other dads are not able to verbalize their love, but show it through commitment, kindness, personal sacrifice, and loyalty to the family. At the end of the day … words are empty without positive actions.

What People Are Saying

“This song reminds us what a true man is: Selfless, honorable, responsible, respectable, and kind.”

“I remember when I found I would be a dad. I thought the same as this song. 19 years old with no job or place to even call home. Now I’m 23 professional firefighter, married, and my baby girl is my world! Everyone tells me not to spoil her but that’s hard to do because she saved my life more than she will ever know. To every young man or young woman out here in this crazy world — take your children as a blessing.”

“I didn’t want to be a dad. Enlisted in the Navy and had so many plans. But there she was… My little girl. This has been our song since the first time I heard it.”

“Kiss your old life goodbye, cause if you’re pregnant, you are in for an amazing, fulfilling life! You’ll never know true love until you meet that child! This song always makes my eyes water.”

“I broke down and sobbed.”

“If you are a man and this song doesn’t make you cry — you don’t have a heart!”

Life isn’t always filled with happiness, and things don’t always go the way we plan, but every day of life is a unique gift from God.