150 Drums

This video called ‘150 Drums’ or ‘150 Tambores’ has had over 84 million views

This viral video show a group of 150 drummers from Columbia performing in the streets of Bogota. AAINJAA is a Colombian multidisciplinary artistic company , using art (music, especially percussion) to inspire social transformation. They perform high quality shows, provide business entertainment and training services, along with professional and amateur artistic training spaces. The aainjaa drummers are a big sensation on YouTube.

AAINJAA’s website explains: “Through multidisciplinary art we encourage social awareness, discipline, tolerance and the (happy and productive) use of free time. We are happy sharing, doing art and above all seeing how we transcend and transform thanks to life. “

Are there really 150 drums in this video? We don’t know. You’ll have to count them.