Two Dogs Playing Volleyball With A Balloon

2 Pups Playing With a Balloon – Video Goes Viral

Two dogs playing volleyball with a balloon.
Video preview – dogs playing volleyball with a balloon.

These two dogs really enjoy playing with a white balloon, and seem to be playing volleyball. The video was posted on Facebook by Exotic World and received over 13 million views the first week. These guys jump really high, and are very fun to watch.

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Comments About the Happy Dogs

One person said: “Was I the only one who noticed they almost seemed to take turns? I could watch this over and over!” A girl named Amy remarked: “I love that they took turns. Adorable.” Another girl named Ali said: “This is therapeutic to watch.” Someone thought they looked like little flying pigs. (Really?) One guy said these dogs appear to be the American Pitbull Terrier breed, and added cynically: “Later that day they mauled the owner’s son.” (Not true.)

Other people were commenting about the nice green lawn… “That guys lawn is perfect” remarked a girl named Heather. “I have 2 dogs and my lawn don’t look like that,” another joked. “Heather, my dad said it’s not real… he’s so jealous,” replied Kristina.

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