How I Trained My Cats

“How I Trained My Cats” by Jun of JunsKitchen has over 21 million views

How do you train a cat? This cat video explains a few things you can do to train a cat. For instance, teaching the cat how to shake hands, or go for a bike ride and stay calm while riding in the bike basket. Or training the cat to stay off the kitchen table while you are cooking.

For some unknown reason the internet loves cats, so as part of our ongoing research about viral videos we knew we had to feature a cat video. However, some of the most popular cat videos on the internet did not meet our quality standards (e.g. great videography, high resolution (HD), proper lighting and color contrast, and a nice sound track that wasn’t stolen from some disgustingly vulgar hip-hop artist, etc.)

We chose this cat video because it provides helpful information about training cats, has interesting video viewpoints, and a pleasant sound track. We think you’ll enjoy the cat training video above, and the related videos below.

Famous Cat Herding Video – by EDS

One of the most memorable cat videos (in the long history of internet cat videos) was created by EDS and launched during the year 2000 NFL Super Bowl. EDS was purchased by Hewlett Packard in 2008, and later became DXC.

How To Train A Cat To Come When Called

“Many people think you can’t train a cat. Well they’re wrong. If you can figure out what motivates your cat, you can train it.” Lot’s of marketing lessons here.